'The View' Fans Want Meghan McCain REPLACED With Sara Haines On The View!

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"The View" Fans Want Meghan McCain REPLACED With Sara Haines

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Meghan McCain was called a coward yesterday from "The View" fans, because she was absent on The View.

If you miss that video, I covered it, and will link it in the description box below, and there will be a "suggested link", towards the end of the video.

"The View" fans basically called Meghan McCain a coward because she battled with Whoopi about not being on a show for a particular segment
with Meghan McCain and Tamika Mallory. Meghan McCain also called Susan Rices work involvement as a horror show.

Susan Rice then appeared on the show the next day, and Meghan was not there.

Sara Haines filled in and "The View" fans were very happy.

This is what "The View" fans said about Sara Haines.
“Thank you for providing a stress-free pleasant viewing experience with Sara as co-host today,” a fan said. “Meghan McCain’s negativity and rude demeanor is just too much to take anymore.”

“I was so happy to see that Sara was on The View in place of disrespectful, crybaby Meghan McCain,” a viewer added.

“She should come back to fill the empty seat". “She’s fun and smart and fits in well. She could fill in while Meghan is on maternity leave and then just stay.”

What do you think about Meghan McCain being replaced by Sara Haines?

Link To Video: "Whoopi SHUTS DOWN Meghan McCain On The View "I Was Not ABSENT" :
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