Third Age: Total War [DAC v5 Beta] - Dorwinion - Chapter 2: Nurwe, the Unbowed

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Unbowed, unbroken?

18:03 - Battle of Viltur
1:04:25 - Battle of Winndan
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Campaign Information:
Faction: Dorwinion
Difficulty: Very Hard / Very Hard
Campaign Length: Long

Mods used:
Divide and Conquer V5 (BETA):

For more information on the mod, as well as installation tutorial and in-depth faction guides, check out the lead developer Arachîr Galudirithon on YouTube:

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Chapter 2: Nurwe, the Unbowed

My brethren – I hope this message reaches you well and in time.

The Vintner court of Caras Sant has recently appointed Hawin, son of Ranulf as Vine-Regent of Dorwinion.

He is, from my experience, a stronger and more steadfast ruler than his predecessor, for he has already granted me and my men the permission and the funds to expand the lands of Dorwinion. He is the first, and sadly still the only, member of the Vintner Court to take my warnings of the threat in the East seriously.

We have already claimed the surrounding lands of Ilanin and Carvarad, and whilst we lost good elves and men in the process, these recent victories bring us ever closer to retaking Mornedhel, our home.

Where the previous Vine regents of Dorwinion were too scared to allow an expedition to Mornedhel, as to not anger the Loke-Khan of Rhûn, Hawin seems more and more convinced of the strategic position and economic boon the fortress of Winddan can bring.

He is willing to supply men and arms to our endeavour… but in exchange he wants us to claim the lands of Villtur first. As I’m writing this letter, we are close to approaching the town of Villtur, and the siege should only last a few months. Mornedhel is finally in our reach, after all these years.

My brethren, I know our wounds are still fresh and that many of you would prefer to live a life in solitude, but I beg you – when you see the banner of the Avari fly atop Mornedhel once more, return to us. Only together can we survive the oncoming storm.

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