This Game Is Terrifying Nightmare Fuel - Silence Channel Psychological Horror Demo Gameplay

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About Silence Channel

There are sores that slowly erode the mind in solitude like a kind of canker.

A bad incident is like a tangled knot, It sits there, waiting for someone or something to untie it, but until then… scars may be left behind …

The Silence Channel is essentially a First-person Horror Adventure video game that has different gameplay and story compared to our previous project, "Dark Room".

You play as John Martin, an Investigative reporter sent to a remote location to check out rumours of unexplainable sightings. Convinced it is nothing more than local folklore and myth, you arrive early morning in dense fog with the aim of taking a few photos, make a couple of interviews with the locals, and quietly depart to write up your local piece of gossip. Dare you enter the mysterious mansion?

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