Top 10 Overpowered Passive Abilities and Skills in World of Warcraft's History

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In this video we'll be going over some of the most overpowered passive abilities and skills in wows history, with basically all of these abilities being a passive benefit to a move characters already had in the game, or just having an incredible proc chance when using your abilities like normal.

--The List--
Intro: (0:00)
10-Improved Counterspell: (0:13)
9- Throwing Specialization: (2:28)
8- Glyph of Gag Order: (4:40)
7- Dematerialize: (5:57)
6- Kil'jaedens cunning: (7:28)
5- Mace stun TBC rogues: (9:53)
4- Twilight dev: (13:13)
3- Shadow of Death: (14:33)
2- Glyph of DnD DK: (15:41)
1- Reckoning bomb: (17:58)

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