Top 5 NEW Hyper Casual Games - Gameplay Walkthrough | New Games Daily 1/1/2021

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N'Topia, Ragdoll Shooter, Electrical Manager, Changing World!, Ball Prank - NEW Gameplay Walkthrough | New Games Daily 1/1/2021

Looking for some Hyper Mobile Games to play? We've got you covered with some new Mobile games. We Upload the best new games every day.

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Game Description:

N’Topia is an immaculate take on spot-the-differences games. With stunning 3D isometric worlds, handmade atmospheric music, and untimed scavengers for 10 differences that are cleverly hidden, N’Topia literally changes the game of a classic that hasn’t evolved in decades.
Immerse yourself in the worlds of N’Topia that are embedded with the highest standards of aesthetic and auditory pleasures. With great attention to detail and master craftsmanship of design, every corner holds a surprise for eyes to dwell on.
Enjoy the worlds of N’Topia that are blanketed in the soothing melodies of our music and build up some brain muscle with our challenging differences. Research has shown improvement in attention and short-term memory for spot-the-differences game players.

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Ragdoll Shooter:
Shoot him before he hits you!!!

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Electrical Manager:
Get the role of Electrical Manager and make sure to have uninterrupted supply of electricity for the citizens.
-Control the load of electricity with levers & buttons. Make sure to not cause load shedding or overloading.
-Install poles and connect wires
-Connect wires in between poles
-Place solar panels under sun light through obstacles
-Read electric meters to invoice bills

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Changing World!:
You are in danger, to save yourself you should change your world and find a better condition for you.

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Ball Prank:
Guild the ball to drop and wake up the snorer.
Easy to start, but hard to master.

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