Top 5 weapons to use with Mantle Of Battle Harmony for PvP (Full Review)

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I spent a full week reviewing this exotic. Trying every viable weapon. In this video I go over just how good the super gains are and the top 5 weapons to use when you have your super. This exotic is a lot better than you think and I show you why.

0:00-1:10 = Introduction
1:10-4:33 = Energy Siphon
4:33-5:40 = Energy Siphon is Trials
5:40-7:28 = Absorption cells damage buff
7:28-9:38 = Various weapons with damage buff
9:38-15:39 = Top 5 weapons to use with Battle Harmony
15:39-16:09 = Neutral game
16:09-15:45 = closing

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