Top Gun Maverick Is The Action Movie You Need This Year

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Really, hearing the words “Top Gun” are enough to get us ready to go to the movies, but don’t worry because we have some more details to share about the exciting sequel, “Maverick!” CGI special effects can be amazing when they’re not overused, and there’s a reason this film is focusing on practical effects, even if they have to get permission from the Navy to pull off some of these maneuvers. Not only are there real pilots on board, including Tom Cruise, but they’re also stocked with IMAX cameras capable of filming in 6K! Director Joseph Kosinski admitted the training process was grueling but that’s what it takes to pull off some of these extreme stunts! Jennifer Connelly loved being part of the cast even though she was intimidated by one of her co-stars, and Jerry Bruckheimer says technological advancements allowed him to create a sequel he could have only dreamed about when the first film was released.

What do you think about the follow up to this fan-favorite film? Are you excited to see some high flying, hi definition action or do you prefer to leave the past in the past and remember the first film how it was? Let us know if you’ll be checking this out when it hits theaters and share your predictions with us and your fellow fans in the comment section below. Make sure to click on the subscribe button and turn on your notifications for the latest and greatest content from us here at Screen Rant.

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