'Trump brought his A game': Voters have their say after final presidential debate

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Sky News Anchor Pete Stefanovic is in Nashville, Tennessee, speaking to voters about their reaction to the third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

President Trump and former Vice President Biden clashed over COVID-19, national security and race relations during a tense but informative debate.

Under new rules brought in after the first presidential debate, candidates were allowed two minutes to answer each question uninterrupted while the other candidate's microphone was muted.

After that, moderator Kristen Welker allowed both candidates 10 minutes to debate openly debate one another.

The rule changes were brought in after the first debate was widely panned by voters for being light on substance due to the candidates talking over one another

Mr Stefanovic spoke to April Silver, a Trump voter who was watching the debate in a bar in Nashville, Tennessee.

"I thought the debate was very good, I thought it was more controlled than the last debate that we had, everyone was on better behaviour than the last one.

"Both candidates did very well."

Ms Silver said she was impressed by President Trump's determination to keep businesses running despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I liked what Trump said about COVID and how shutting down the country is affecting everybody," she said.

"For a one per cent mortality rate, it's not productive at all.

"Trump was on his A-game, he knew his facts, he was spot on with everything he said."
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