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Sup guys! As promised, here's my video highlighting the funniest games I've had so far during prepatch playing Unholy with my viewers on stream (). Unholy DK is pretty comically overtuned in both 2v2 and 3v3 arena, and has so many sources of damage now that your mastery includes PET DAMAGE as well, that it's very difficult to stop it from destroying someone.

If that concept keeps up, and you're able to get enough haste/mastery on gear in Shadowlands, it will be very very good with sustained damage comps like spriest/dk, perhaps warrior/dk (TSG), and even affliction/dk (shadowcleave). This is exciting news for everyone who wanted to keep maining Unholy through Shadowlands!

You should be able to see everything from my guide in action, the itemization, talents, and burst windows all put into use. You'll also see a few bloopers as some other pretty overtuned specs sometimes get the better of us! Hope you guys like it!

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