US President Trump has COVID-19

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A court in Ireland has ruled that Subway's bread isn't actually bread. You might be thinking - how can that possibly be? It looks like bread and tastes like bread so it must be bread right? Well that's what a Subway store in Galway thought. It was trying to get a tax cut from the government because bread is considered a staple food item and therefore tax free. But according to the court there's actually too much sugar in it to be legally classified as bread - 5 times too much!

Around the world, there are lots of laws in place to regulate what's allowed in our food and to help us trust what we're buying. For example, juice becomes fruit drink when it doesn't have enough actual juice in it and the European Union has super strict regulations around chocolate, which usually needs to be made from at least 25% cocoa solids.

Here in Australia, Subways says its bread has been especially formulated for Aussies and is classed as low sugar. But, back in Ireland, Subway still stands by the belief that its bread there is in fact bread.

US President, Donald Trump has announced that he and Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus. The president shared the news with his followers on Twitter. He'd already announced he was getting the test after one of his closest advisors was infected. The President says he and the first lady are now quarantining together.

Get your clocks because it's time to move them forward an hour on Sunday. That is as long as you live in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. For those states and territories, Sunday morning at 2AM signals the start of daylight saving. Our phones and devices will almost certainly automatically jump forward for us, so you may not even notice it's happened.

The idea behind it is to give us more time in the day to do stuff. But people have been arguing about whether it's a good idea or whether the whole country should get on board for decade saying it's annoying and confusing for our bodies.

Hi BTN it's Leela you might remember me from such shows as BTN and I'm actually not working on BTN at the moment. I've been doing work experience on a TV show, learning how to be a director. That's why I have this mask on, we have to practice everything in a Covid safe way. So that means wearing a mask, sanitizing our hands a lot and keeping a social distance as much as possible. I'm just hiding in a corner so I don't get in the way of production at the moment.

Today we are shooting some scenes in a bed store, which is pretty cool. Which is pretty hard to just not lie down and take a nap. It's actually the last day of shooting which is pretty cool. we've been able to get through this whole shoot and prove that you can still have film production during Covid times.

A very expensive toilet is on a mission to get to the International Space Station! The $32 million titanium dunny is on board a rocket expected to launch this weekend. It will replace the current loo and features a 3D printed dual fan separator that helps to pull the astronauts waste into the toilet. Something I'm sure you'd appreciate in microgravity.

Alain Robert, AKA the French Spiderman, set out on a mission to scale a skyscraper in Frankfurt in Germany. The daredevil made the 32 storey climb with no harness, but he did have some very stylish cowboy boots and a silver suit! Do not try this at home or on any other building really.

Staff at Chester Zoo in the UK are celebrating a successful breeding mission after becoming the first European zoo to welcome baby Mexican leaf frogs. The amphibians are usually found in the dry forests of Mexico so zookeepers had to recreate a special habit to match.


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