Very very scary script! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!

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For some reason, many viewers think that my videos show my real life! That everything that happens in the video actually happens! But of course, this is not so, my real life and my life in the cinema go on parallel courses! It's like a two different World in Multiverse!
But what is the same in every World – how my daddy writes scripts for my videos! I am sure that there is no such Universe where he writes it from the first time and we did not have to re-shoot some scenes 5 times and more, because his "creative vision" has changed! Oh! If this time I hadn't told him STOP, then probably you would watch this video only at next Halloween!
I hope you enjoy my cute & funny dachshund dog puppy video!
Thank you to my Top Patron Matej Duda, Mary Stevens, Laurie Freese and all my other Patrons too!
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