What did Burning Crusade Add to World of Warcraft? | TBC Pre-Patch

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Hey guys Toyhouze here with my newest video: What did Burning Crusade Add to World of Warcraft? | TBC Pre-Patch
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Hey guys Toyhouze here with another video. In my other TBC changes video, I talked about some of the ways that the burning crusade changed world of warcraft. Well there were actually a lot more changes that I didn’t have a chance to talk about that I think a lot of people forgot about. So in this video we’re going to talk about general changes, PVP changes, class changes, and so much more all coming from the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Pre-Patch, Patch Now I feel that not a lot of people haven’t really discussed this patch, and whether or not we think it will be released before TBC classic. If so, that means felguards, water elementals and more within that classic vanilla wow that we’re all playing right now, and this would happen before TBC Classic’s official release patch. So, if all that sounds exciting to you then don’t forget to like subscribe and comment down below.
Let’s get into it.
So first off when you log in to the TBC Classic pre-patch you’re going to get your talent points back and you’re going to have new talent trees. You’re going to have new 41 point talents, and also a bunch of new ones that were added, and some even removed. If you check out my warlock changes video, I go into the specifics on Warlock changes there. One HUGE HUGE HUGE general change is that ALL pets now receive a percentage of their master’s armor, spell damage, spell resistances, attack power, and stamina. This is a huge deal because pets basically just started to not be as good at max level. Great while leveling, not gear dependent and all that jazz, but once you get max level and are starting to get geared along with everyone else, they just simply fall off. This change is helpful, but it’s not actually that great in PvP. Notice they don’t get a percentage of resilience, a new stat, which we’ll talk about. It’s still an awesome buff though.
Another big change is that low-level spells cast by high-level players will receive smaller bonuses from +healing and +spell damage. This is basically counter-acting down-ranking spells. For example, using a downranked earthshock just to interrupt spells will get less +spell damage, and will do way less damage now in TBC.
A nice buff though to some spell casters is that HoTs, DoTs and channeled spells are re-balanced to receive a higher percentage of +spell damage and +healing. So this is a big buff to warlocks and druids, which don’t particularly shine in classic vanilla wow for their hots and dots as much as they do in TBC.
And speaking of HOTS, really the biggest change of all is that HOTS will now stack. Basically multiple druids can cast rejuvenation on a target and all of them will do their healing effect. In classic vanilla wow this was not the case. So this makes druids much much better and allows for multiple druids HOT healing.
The biggest change in my opinion, in PVP, is Resilience. Resilience reduces your chance to be critically hit, and reduces the amount of damage critical strikes do to you. Basically resilience reduces the chance you get bursted down in a matter of seconds. Huge change, and it’s an awesome PvP stat.
Now if you saw my race picking guides, you’ll notice that a lot of racials have changed. One of those is weapon skill racials being replaced with expertise. And that’s because weapon skills no longer reduce the percentage damage lost due to glancing. Basically instead, it will grant increase to your critical strike rating per weapon skill against monsters above your level. So you’ll still want weapon skill, obviously, but it’s not as crazy good as it was in vanilla classic wow. No need to farm an edgemaster’s type armor in TBC.
A big change that's kinda meh for people who like getting twinked out while leveling or otherwise is that when you buff a low level target, the appropriate rank of the buff for their level will be applied. So this is kinda lame but also makes sense.
Another huge PvP change is that crowd control effects won’t last longer than 12 seconds, thank you baby jesus, with a chance of a heartbeat resist. This is basically an occasional checking for resistance of the crowd control.

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