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Die Hard always gets talked about being a Christmas movie, but what about Batman Returns? It stands up to all the same arguments.
-It’s full of Christmas decorations.
-It has Christmas music.
-It takes place on multiple Christmases, from the Penguin’s birth, to Gotham’s big tree celebration.
-The phrase “Merry Christmas” is used multiple times.
-It uses mistletoe as a recurring plot device between Batman and Catwoman.
-It has TONS OF SNOW, which Die Hard does not.
-The Christmas setting is important to the villain’s plans. Just like Die Hard, they strike during the Christmas celebration when things are most crowded. First, to kidnap Max. And second, the ice princess.
-It has the greedy Scrooge character embodied in Max Shrek (Christopher Walken), who is also like the Grinch. Instead of stealing presents, he’s stealing Gotham’s energy supply.
-The Penguin could be seen as the evil Santa, stealing Gotham’s first born sons. Both have icy lairs, but The Penguin identifies with the animal of the south pole, while Santa lives in the North pole. It is just a funny theory of mine, but you could say they’re polar opposites.
-The need for family is a Christmas theme. The Penguin has the sad story of trying to locate his parents who abandoned him. Bruce Wayne also grapples with the loss of his parents, and finds an unusual connection with the Catwoman, becoming lovers and enemies.
-The ending feels like a Christmas ending, even if not conventional. There’s some kind of sentimental feeling, combined with all the snowfall.

In regards to It’s a Wonderful Life, it’s a major classic and a great movie, but I’ve never thought of it as a Christmas movie. The majority of it has nothing to do with Christmas, and it was originally intended for release in January of 1947, but instead came out December 1946. I may have not worded this properly in the review, but the point I was trying to make was that It’s a Wonderful Life is a weak target for the Die Hard argument.

Wanna see a real Christmas movie? Watch Scrooge 1951 (aka A Christmas Carol). Alastair Sim is the definitive embodiment of the wicked old miser. His face looks incapable of smiling. You couldn’t imagine it. So when he makes that flip at the end, it’s pure magic.

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