Winded Voyage 4 | Sailing Adventures In Cape Verde | The Best & Worse Of 2020 Part 3

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The best of Cape Verde are the people. And in this episode we meet the best of people and experience a few of the worse moments. One sad moment is when Peter leaves to sail to Cananda. But then we sail with Peixe and his sister Jussara. We meet Elvin at his house over looking the city. We sail again with Gilson, Claudia and her sister. We suffer with Lucas and David when they hauled out their catamaran. Go fishing with Paul Lou, Fabi and Ravi. Sail and dance in Tarrfal with Wendy, Marizia and Lily. Experience massive flooding and an invasion of flies. And sail where very few have before, circumnavigate Santa Antao island. Accompanied by Jodie and Sydney.

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