Wing Chun Tong Bei Kungfu vs Kickboxing - Hedgehog vs Sonic Kitten

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We have a Kungfu person (The Hedgehog) who trains in Wing Chun and Tong Bei Quan go up against a kickboxer (The Sonic Kitten). The Kungfu person has Qi La La in his corner, but I spoke to Qi La La briefly who says that he didn't get much chance to really train with Hedgehog. Also, I know these names are funny. But props to these fighters for stepping into the ring, especially with such funny nicknames. Let us know what you think in the comments. Like always, I will reply to comments in the first hour after upload. 請大家欣賞籠中之王英文解說。這場比賽由音速貓陳奕瑄和刺蝟許家豪參加。雙方可以隨時聯繫我。我特別欣賞王館長和籠中之王。

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