Wizard101 MAX FIRE PvP (130): The Visionary JADE SLAYER!

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Even with this new PvP update with Diego being added to ranked PvP and the time limit you still find TONS of jades at max level especially at high rank! I wanted to go for a detonate strategy but its pretty difficult at my rank because everybody is prepared for it but I'm definitely gonna try and pull it off in the future!

Visionary fire PvP is a great way to start with PvP if you're new to wizard101. Its a pretty straight forward school and playstyle and can be extremely powerful if used correctly which isn't hard to learn. Fire right now is one of the weaker schools only because it needs a little bit of tweaking/balancing but mostly because everybody still prepares for fire wizards and uses ward that its hard to compete sometimes. I still enjoy doing PvP on this character its just not the same as it was before but I'm STOKED for karamelle to come out and see how the meta changes with 5th age!

I hope you guys enjoyed these matches, new videos everyday!

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