Xiaomi Moaan W7 10.3" Android WACOM Note Taking Tablet Unboxing

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The Xiaomi Moaan W7 was supposed to be released last year, but countless delays pushed it back, until just a couple of weeks ago. One of the most exciting things about this device, is that it provides a full Android experience and everything is in English.

This e-note features a E Ink Mobius touchscreen display with a resolution of 1404 × 1872. It has a touchscreen layer and also WACOM. It comes with an electromagnetic stylus with support for 4096 pressure levels and a refresh rate of up to 360 times per second. The algorithm inside is able to recognize handwritten text and convert it into electronic text.

In this unboxing video, we show you everything that comes inside the retail packaging, the industrial design of this e-note.

You can get your W7 here:

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